Thermage Anti Wrinkle Devices RF Anti Aging Whitening Face Lift Beauty Instrument

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Radio frequency (RF) beauty is a kind of non operation, a new method of beauty.It uses capacitor combined electrode is used for transmitting wave energy and generating an electric field across the skin surface into the subcutaneous tissue.In the high frequency and lattice 1MHZ electrode, the electric field changes about 86400000 times per second,In order to reply to the rapid change in electrode, the charge particles within the skin will change direction at the same frequency,Moves and generates heat energy natural resistance at the subcutaneous tissue.Dermal collagen at a temperature of 45-60 degrees Celsius, will immediately shrink, and it Let the relaxation of the skin after treatment immediately feel the upward lifting, firming skin effect.When everfount produce collagen, it can make the thickness and density of the skin dermis increase, smooths the wrinkles,Restore skin elasticity and gloss, and fair complexion and meticulous.

The RF beauty is a kind of heat penetration therapy,Through radio frequency a high-frequency alternating electromagnetic wave energy is transmited to the subcutaneous tissue,Inspire the dermis collagen contraction, regeneration ,Increase the skin thickness and density of the dermis,Tyra fill wrinkles, eliminate the scar,Restore skin elasticity and luster,Commonly known as - waves lift, electric lift.



-144 dot matrix electrode beauty head can effectively repair skin ,treate both symptoms and root causes,and Completely solve your trouble and regret
-Lattice electrode beauty head any replacement design, avoid cross use, and it is more healthy
-A saturated charge (lithium batteries), you can continuously use for 3-4 hours,360 degrees without the restriction of the use of space make you get rid of the "care"
-Beautiful mini light, portable, it can meet the care needs  whenever and wherever possible.
-Intelligent output detection (it opens automatically after the beauty head has skin contact ), more secure and intelligent
-Adding infrared lighting function, improve blood circulation, promote the new supersedes the old., eliminate facial fatigue
-In high, middle and low intensity output mode, suitable for all kinds of people and the skin
-Intelligent low voltage alarm, charging, saturated tips highlight human function
-Safe  non-surgical, non-intrusive, no anesthesia, no injections, no pain, noninvasive, do not need to recovery, high safety.
-Celerity Immediate skin tightening, a nursing can make the relaxation of the skin instantly feel the lifting, firming effect.
-Lasting Keep a long time, high speed promote skin collagen continue, 2 to 6 months to shallow wrinkles vanish and restore skin youthful state.




Radiofrequency thermal effect can increase blood circulation,Accelerate metabolism, improve the local tissue nutrition, and enhance enzyme activity.


RF has strong deep import function,Combined with hot spring which contains the essence of the "active gene repair function" or protect skin to taste, do deep into the nursing effect will be better。Under the combination, it activates the skin collagen regeneration and reconstruction of soft tissue, the skin is new-born, and it achieves the bright skin, the cosmetology, anti-fades overall effect. 


Infrared ray is a kind of life of electromagnetic wave, the wavelength range is 4-14 microns, strong permeability, can penetrate human skin 15 cm, produce resonance with human cells and accelerate the new supersedes the old. After the infrared light is absorbed by the body, it can produce a soothing and beneficial to human body heat, can infiltrate into the body's tissues, cells and repair the human body.Infrared physical properties, make it has: Activate the activity of biological macromolecules, to promote and improve blood circulation,Increase metabolism, Diminish inflammation, swelling and other health care efficacy.



-Clean care maintenance area
-Take a suitable amount of gel or essence, apply face, neck and other body parts of nursing
-Press brighten instrument switch button, and open shine skin
-Press brighten meter mode selection button, adjust good energy level.(Please in arm medial test before operation for the first time,according to what you can accept the degree of stimulation and heat to choose which gear suits your own)
 1)press low-range light once (green bright)
 2)press mid-range light twice (green bright)
 3)press high-range light three times(green bright)
- According to different nursing position, use the corresponding nursing methods of nursing care
-Infrared light care automatic induction open, accompany nursing methods of nursing care
-Press the switch button after the completion of nursing, close shine skin

In nursing process you will feel the skin fever or a slight tingling,Some users will feel a slight redness in the skin after use,This phenomenon usually disappear after using a few minutes,If the user skin feel abnormal heating is in use, it is recommended to stop using and let the skin cooling.


-If you are in the last half year with injection of hyaluronic acid, collagen, does not recommend to use
-If you had injection of artificial fillers (such as silica gel), please avoid that area.
-A device for heart disease, cardiac pacemaker and pregnant women should not use
-Treatment body are prohibited from wearing any metal items
-Treatment do not make-up, or on the day before treatment to clean the face


-Please strengthen the moisturizing and sunscreen
-Please do not use hot water wash your face three days (not more than the temperature of the water can be)
-Within three days, please do not soak hot springs and three warm
-skin will be dry after Waves lift,it belongs to the normal phenomenon, pay attention to the filling water. Suggest at least apply face film three times a week.


-Adaptor input:AC100-240V
-Adaptor output: AC:9V 500mA
-Weight: 150g
-RF frequency:1MHZ





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