Portable Nano Led Moisturizing Ionic Facial Steamer

  • Model: SY-JG88


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Portable Nano Led Moisturizing Ionic Facial Steamer Spa
mini nano led moisturizing ionic facial face steamer beauty spray humectant mist ion skin care spa


Portable Moisturizing Ionic portable Facial Spa Steamer,New Moisturizing Ion Ionic Facial Spa Steamer Nanometer permeating skin care technology High-tech chin-control technology (watery-shape) and shaking technology with special craftwork are applied to transform essence into nanometer at 0.3 to 0.5 micron, which can be permeated into skin basal layer skin and absorbed by skin completely Red light care Wave length of red light is 630nm +- 30nm. It can activate skin fiber cells, help blood circulation and increase regeneration of collagen so as to improve elasticity and glossiness of skin.

Blue light care Wave length of red light is 413nm +-30nm. It can improve sebum secretion and diminish inflammation to kill acne and better skin.


It can spray essence lotion into nanometer-scale particles so skin fully absorb the nutrition.In the work, it produces special light-wave on the skin to do light therapy so as to accelerate circulation of blood, promote metabolism, release stress and with anti-allergic function.



Spray essence lotion into nanometer-scale particles,enhance penetration to the skin for better absorption

-Red light can accelerate circulation of blood, promote metabolism.

-Blue light can release stress, calm down, anti-allergic and cure acne.



-Power supply:DC 6VAAA 1.5 x 4
-Spray volume:about 1mL/minute
-Wave length of red light:635 NM
-Wave length of blue ligh:435 NM
-1x Facial Spa Steamer
-Other parts




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