Portable Home Use Mini Laser Hair Removal

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A laser hair eliminator, is a medical instrument, manufactured on the basis of the scientific research and up-to-date technologies. The 808nm wavelength laser is being used worldwide for hair removal and has been proved to be an average of 80% effective for permanent hair removal by world leading research institutions and Universities. Even if the laser is not emitted directly on hair, it also has a hair removal effect by emitting onto the root of hair through the skin because 808nm wavelength penetrates deep into the root of hair.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal
-Much faster and easier way of hair removal than other existing methods
-Almost painless and less time-consuming compared to other treatments
-Treats small areas of hair at a time
-Less number of times for treatment
-Assures precise and reliable treatment
-Permanent hair removal and hair reduction effect
-You can feel the soft skin resulted from pore constriction after being treated.
-If you have tanned too much or have dyed the hair, wait until the skin has returned to normal color because laser has a characteristic feature that reacts only to dark hair.

-High-power semiconductor laser causes no side effects and easy to use
-Safe and easy use at home
-Adjustable timer of laser emission and power controller of laser
-Slim and portable design easy to carry along in case of a travel or business trip
-If dark, the hair in almost any part of the body can be treated such as arm, leg, brow, bikini line, beard, etc. It is, however, principal not to have a treatment on or near the nipples and perineal region that have much pigment concentration. When you treat a facial region, be careful not to expose the eyes to thelaser

-Output Power:CW 500mW
-Working Current:650mA
-Working Voltage:2.2V
-Life Span:10000 hours
-Products Size:16.5 cm x 5.2 cm x 5 cm
-Products Weight:500g
-Packing:Color Box
-Color Box Size:19.5*21.7*6cm
-Carton Size:45.5*34.5*44cm
-Gross Weight:13KG
-Net Weight:12KG

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