News; Weight Loss In Scientific

Published: Thursday 27 June, 2013


Weight loss is often in topic for people now, on the one hand, the improvement of living standards, the trend of more and more people are obesity; On the other hand, people all the love beauty, everyone has the right to pursue beauty.

Panda box weight loss ultrasonic liposuction body slimming machine using sonic cavitation effect, applies to cellulite, with broken and is absorbed by the lymphatic system, ruled out in vitro. Strong ultrasonic wave on the liquid inside a explosion effect, namely the expansion of the ultra sound wave and compression make liquid form of micro pore, the space for gas and steam, making compression cycle of strong ultrasonic waves, the liquid molecules have a positive pressure effect, the brain expansion cycle tends to produce negative pressure effect, there is cohesion within the fluid or tissue, fat cells in low density within the molecular bonding strength is weak, the strong sound waves to produce low negative pressure may induce tissue space, known as the "Sonic Cavitation" in the physical in crowded outside pressure, which has exploded, causing fat breakdown.