News; Infrared Legs Beauty Machine Sauna Detox Beauty Device

Published: Monday 14 October, 2013


Far infrared massage leg slimming machine, spot reduction, stimulate the decompose of the adipocyte, eliminate the stubborn fat on the legs. The product can be used for thigh and crus.

This machine is the newest developed far-infrared massage products, it based on the traditional Chinese Meridian onyang efficacy medical technology and the biology effect of far-infrared heating, to increase the temperature of one’s legs, expand the blood vessels, promote the blood circulating, dredging the main and collateral channels, expelling of toxin and sweat, relieve rheumatic pains and cold, invigorate the circulation of blood thus lead to the body strengthen function.

This product also can reduce the spare fat of human body by expelling of toxin and sweat, burning calories, slimming the legs and body. You can also adapt it to other body part.

Product function
-Biological effect: emit far-infrared energy of 8-12 micron, can be permeate to 3-5cm under subcutis, speed up the burning and movement of the fat cells.
-Traditional Chinese medical function: massage and onyang function, promote the blood circulating, naturally relieve the pressure and physical fatigue, effectively regulate the internal secretion system and nerve system.
-Combine heating and vibrating, reduce the proud flesh of one’s legs, prevent amyotrophy, beautify the human stature.

Matters need attention
-Please check if there are any damage of the product before using it, contact the seller immediately if there are any, mustn’t disassemble and assemble the product by yourself.
-After using it, clean up the inside with wet cloth, store up the product after the temperature comes down, thus prolong the working life.
-Please keep the product neat, don’t fold and heavily press it, in case to damage the inside device.

Operating instruction
-Plugging in the 220V power supply, slide the switch to choose the mode. Green light is the vibrating mode, red light is the heating mode, you can also choose from high and low vibrating mode by adjust the controller. Slide the switch to the off, to stop the machine.
-Put the belt on your leg, adjust the size by using the Velcro, make yourself feel comfortable.

-Gift package
-Instruction book

I wish I could get a pedicure every week, but our budget won’t allow it. And unfortunately, other forms of alternative medicine such as massage, acupuncture, or yoga are not covered by insurance. But I consider it enough of a necessity to get one (with massage/reflexology) once a month.