News; Warm Meridian Energy Machine Tourmaline Health Care Instrument

Published: Friday 11 October, 2013


The human body has a bio-energy-circulation system similar to the blood-circulation system. The bio-energy flows along 12 main meridians, or channels. These are symmetrical on each side of the body, each pair being related to a specific organ.

In addition, there are two single meridians following the midline of the body, one at the front and the other along the spine. Many points are distributed along the meridians. These points are essentially transformer stations through which bio-energy flows into the muscle structure to allow organized activity to take place.

In disease, imbalances develop in these energy flows, causing some of the transformer points to become irritated or congested. This results in pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles.

Many medical experts took many years studying a large number of cases and invented this beauty equipment .it can issue detailed health report ,including chinese 12 meridian analysis,respiratory,system,endocrine,disturbance,hypothyrea,bloodpressure ,immunity ,anaemia ,liver, ,health care suggestion may be made for necessary treatment.

-6 grade temperature from cold to heat, temperature set 38°C,43°C,48°C,56°C,63°C,70°C.
-Rapid temperature switch, LED indicator.
-Toughened contact panel, good touch feeling.
-Unique figure, easy to use.
-Super mini international AC plug.
-Toughened glass inductor, far-infrared will be released better.

Warm Meridian Energy Machine Tourmaline Health Care Instrument Function:
-Dredge meridians
-Activated cell
The role of regulating the digestive system, Immunoregulation, adjust BP, has anti-inflammatory effect, with the analgesic effect
-Improve blood circulation and release neuropathic ache
-Improving drainage
-Treatment of neuromuscular dysfunction
Improvement of strength, Improvement of motor control .retards muscle atrophy, Improves local blood flow
-Improves range of joint mobility
Induces repeated stretching of contracted, shortened soft tissues
-Tissue repair
Enhances microcirculation and protein synthesis to heal wounds, Restores integrity of connective and dermal tissues
-Acute and chronic edema
Accelerates absorption rate, affects blood vessel permeability, Increases mobility of proteins, blood cells and lymphatic flow
-Eripheral blood flow
Induces arterial, venous and lymphatic flow
-Slimming and fitness

-Input: AC100V-240V
-Output: DC12V/3A
-6 grade temperature