News; Something About Face Lift Skin Care Devices

Published: Monday 23 September, 2013


Face lift skin care devices: to promote firming, improve skin flabby, stretch marks, facial wrinkles, sagging eyebrows ascension, on the eyelids, improve the wrinkles on neck, double chin and neck parts of the body relax.

Face lift skin care devices use a capacitive coupling electrode to transmit radio waves of energy, and produces an electric field through the skin into the subcutaneous tissue. Under the high frequency of 6 MHZ, the electric field change polarity 60000 times every second. When the natural resistance of the subcutaneous tissue will generate heat, this energy can make collagen contraction deformation of the dermis, achieve the goal of firming except knit.

Face lift skin care devices is one of the best non-operative noninvasive treatment, is a kind of high safety and won't cause wound treatment. Face lift skin care devices is a surgical way to improve the skin relaxation, due to aging, skin and muscles begin to lose elasticity, cosmetic surgery can't stop the aging process. It can through strengthen architecture taut, to pull the skin and fat removal of specific areas.

Face lift skin care device working theory:
Through radio frequency into the subcutaneous tissue of subcutaneous tissue generate heat resistance movement, when the temperature reaches sixty-eight to seventy-two degrees Celsius zero intermediate point, collagen produce immediate contraction at the same time, stimulate the secretion of dermis more new collagen to fill the vacancy and the loss of collagen contraction, which once again hold up the framework of the skin, restore skin elasticity, so as to achieve the effect of the home facial treatment.

(1) Nonsurgical;
(2) Non-intrusive;
(3) Without bloodshed;
(4) Painless;
(5) Flawless;
(6) Noninvasive;
(7) Do not need to recovery;
(8) Treatment time is short (1-4 times, each time for 20 minutes to 2 hours).
(9) Treatment effective fast, it can achieve the effect of 20%, 2-6 months can reach the effect of 90%).
(10) Long time effect (note: collagen produced to decline is generally 3 to 5 years)