News; The IPL Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Nursing In Summer

Published: Saturday 22 June, 2013


In the strong sunshine summer, it was the most difficult season for beauty. For example, wanted to have IPL skin rejuvenation treatment. It can unavoidable concern that is there any problem when having the IPL skin rejuvenation treatment in summer? How to protect the delicate skin after treatment?

1, After IPL skin rejuvenation treatment, the treatment period skin is very sensitive, pay particular attention to prevent sunburn, and then Sue the doctor suggested that try not to go out in the hot and dry period. If have to go out, be sure to use prevent sunburn coefficient for SPF25 (index is too high for skin damage is too big, if too low, it could not reach the requirements) sunscreen, coat before going out in the morning, at noon fill once, outdoor activities repair every 2 or 3 hours.

2, Prepare two pieces of clean towels every day, neatly stacked after wet with water, use clean food packaging bags wrapped up, and put them into the refrigerator freezer (at least) for 4 hours, every time go home take the towel from refrigerator, and then clean the face with cold water and neutral cleanser and toner. At this time, the towels have become soft and so apply on the face which can calm the skin.

3, After IPL skin rejuvenation treatment, you should not make up in the next day, especially when the treatment zone mild redness, skin are repairing itself, but can't make up at this moment, also can't friction treatment area.