News; Pure Natural Gold Foil Face Lift Ultrasonic Facial Gel

Published: Thursday 12 September, 2013


This natural highest grade series product contains many unique flower essence and rare pure plant essence that have strong osmosis which will sincerely help you realize your dream of having young and beauty skin.


Pure gold foil,High Moisturizing Factor,Collagen,HA,Witch Hazel Extract


-Hydrating and Moisturizing
-Anti Allergy
-Anti Wrinkle
-Increase Elasticity


-After cleaning,apply adequate amount to the skin,gently massage into skin.
-Apply abbout 10g to the skin,Massage 10-15 minutes,rinse off with water
(If apply with beauty instrument will achieve much good effect)

For facial machine application, apply directly to skin. Pure natural gold foil ultrasonic facial gel may be reactivated with water. Wipe away excess gel with a soft damp cloth following treatment or leave on overnight as a luxurious facial treatment mask to combat puffy eyes, sagging skin and dark eye circles. This product may also be used in place of other galvanic gels during iontophoresis (the "treatment" phase) to push beneficial ingredients deep into the skin to assist with hydration and increase cellular metabolism.