News; BIO Wave Eye Wrinkle Remove Device

Published: Monday 09 September, 2013


BIO WAVE Eye Wrinkle Elf is concentration of the most effective wrinkle removal means among the large apparatuses in beauty salon. BIO micro-current can replenish electricity to cell, restore damaged elastic fiber, smooth the formed wrinkles and prevent the formation of new wrinkles.

In a human body, the growth of cells, metabolism, multiplication and division of cells all depend on the effect generated from micro-current. However, the biological micro-current generated in human body may decrease as a person gets older, and the skin cell cannot maintain its balanced current flow, which may lead to different skin problems, such as wrinkle, loose skin, dull skin caused by slow metabolism etc.

The BIO micro-current released by the device will focus its care on critical parts while charging the cell. The cell will renew its normal metabolism function once its electrical field regains balance, and the cell will recover its vitality to become mellow, full and lustrous.

-Wrinkle removal with micro-current: Electricion can infiltrate deep into skin and replenish electricity to cell to make it more elastic.
-Nutrition lead-in : The effect of essence leading-in via micro-current is 4 times than that of ordinary daubing.
-Micro-vibration: The stimulation of intermittent and regular micro-vibration can go deep into hypodermis up to muscle, which is quite helpful to repair skin’s elastic fiber and gelatine layer tissue so as to smooth out and fade wrinkles.

Working principle
What is the most important that the microampere-based electric energy input to human body cells, which are released from the device are emulated to the electric field signal of skin and replenish the charge to the cells on this basis (medical circle has succeed in simulating brain wave, heart wave, myoelectric signal, etc.

Product size: 15×2.5×1.5cm
Product weight: 32g
Materials: ABS
Packing way: 1pc/gift box, 50pcs/carton
Power supply: 3V