News; Double Rod Bio Face Lift Beauty Instrument Anti Wrinkle Device

Published: Wednesday 04 September, 2013


Double Rod Bio Face Lift Beauty Instrument Anti Wrinkle Device
Use Bio micro electric current wrinkle removing technology to remove wrinkle/fade freckle & spot/lift face

-Accelerate the blood circulation of the capillary vessel and enhance permeability of the cells to make the nutrient deliver to skin and muscle tissue more effectively.        
-The micro-current generated by this apparatus can penetrate into the deep layer of the skin to replenish water so as to restore you a moist, smooth and delicate skin.        
-Micro-current can push the electric power to stimulate subcutaneous tissue to repair skin elastic fiber and collagenous tissue so as to extend and fade wrinkles.        
-Concentrate the large-scale BIO face lift machine in the beauty salon into a mini-beauty apparatus in a mobile phone size with the specialization of removing wrinkles and pouch of eyes.        
-It is easy for carry-on when in travelling or business with its delicate & mini design.

Working principle
BIO face lift beauty instrument is to simulates bio-current of human body and divide it into various wave forms to go deep into epidermal layer, dermis layer and subcutaneous muscular tissue respectively to supply electricity to the cells and skin, to stimulate the energy which contained in the cells and to activate the cells, thus increase the output of the intracellular ATP, strengthen the penetrating force of the cells, promote the synthesis of intracellular ferment and protein, help the aged cells obtain normal metabolism and circulation and accelerate the nutrition absorption and waste excretion of cells.

Technical Parameters
-Product size: 9×3×1.5cm
-Product weight: 24g
-Materials: ABS
-Packing way: 1pc/gift box, 50pcs/carton
-Power supply: 3V