News; Laser Spot Remove Treatment Principle

Published: Friday 21 June, 2013

Laser can produce a high intensity transient energy of visible light, different wavelengths of laser will be absorbed by a particular color or pigment in the skin, such as freckles easily absorb green light. A variety of wavelengths of laser energy function also each are not identical, currently used in the treatment of skin problems are as many as 7, 8 kinds of laser. As often heard RUBY is using the principle of laser, laser in RUBY, for medium, mainly aimed at the black and the brown pigment, discoloration, combination of light and color, to make it break down, when the pigment gradually absorbed by the body, spot color will be faded.

The principle of laser spot remove treatment is emitted by laser treatment instrument which can be very smoothly through the damage skin, into the damage parts, and treatment of disease damage parts of the pigment. Freckle pigmentation changes under strong laser irradiation, and then fall apart, so as to be cured. Laser is not forcibly will lift off pigment, but through the skin treatment, will leave scar, after treatment and due to the selective, i.e. it only ACTS on the pigment particles and no damage to normal skin.

Laser spot remove skin care devices
Pigment spots, is generally acquired pigmentation, Eseeya’s laser beauty equipment can help patients with pigment spot removing, and laser spot remove treatment through long-term practice, it’s very safe and effective.

The principle of laser spot remove treatment is different due to different types of laser light color, only a specific wavelength of laser is absorbed by the corresponding color of pigment. And strength of the beam is generated by laser, fade pigment, to achieve the purpose of removing pigment spots.

And only the diseased cells absorb certain laser, the normal skin tissue is not damaged, so the laser spot remove treatment will not leave scars. In the process of operation, is can have the feeling of acupuncture as subject, do not need to use narcotic drugs.