News; V Shape Germanium Massage Roller Facial Beauty Massager

Published: Saturday 31 August, 2013


Y shape facial beauty roller with rectangle germanium stone

-Y shape
-easy to carry
-Promote face blood circulation
-slim face, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, firming, portable & pocket,
-neednt power

Use method:
-For the first few time use, please use three minutes for one time and 3 times a day.
-Please massage smoothly
-Please don't massage the same part strength and long time or it will hurt you
-It would be more effective if you do massage after bath.

-To promote blood circulation, purify the blood and help regulate blood pressure.
-Anti-aging, breast augmentation, explosive A-frame, promote blood circulation, feel more spiritual when long drive.
-To help to liver to release negative energy whose liver function is not good, improve the quality of sleep, etc.

Health benefits of Y Shape Massage Face Roller
Balances negative and positive ions allowing the user to have healthy skin which helps remove the puffiness in the face

-The presence of semi-conductor technology which emits negative ions and the presence of organic germanium indeed results in removing wrinkles and dark spots from the face
-Tightens and maintains the skin to make it healthy and look young
-Aids in facial slimming
-Helps eliminate tiredness and fatigue
-Has over 200 mv of negative Ions energy
-The negative charge ions from the germanium will help in blood purification and balancing the positive and negative ions in the body. This also achieves muscle relieving effects aside from reducing fatigue and tiredness
-The acidification of the blood which is caused by the loss of electrons can be prevented by negative ions, which contain an abundant amount of electrons. This improves the body's immunity and resistance to sickness
-One roll is equivalent to 1,000 taps during a massage
-Germanium helps get oxygen into the body and increases metabolism which allows the body to detoxify
-Helps to push the waste water out of the face and system which results in healthier skin and overall radiant health

This new and innovative germanium beauty facial roller uses semi-conductor technology and germanium to take away wrinkles and eliminate darks spots and make you look younger! Germanium Slim Roller is the easiest way to get facial salon quality results at home. Perfect for delicate facial areas, glides across the contours of face. The Germanium Slim Roller is a special combination of germanium and semi-conductor technology. The result of using this beauty roller is the tightening and beautifying of the skin and the defiance of the aging process. It takes away wrinkles and eliminates darks spots and makes the face look younger. The new innovative design is larger and has a higher output of negative-ion energy in comparison with its smaller counterpart. Balances negative and positive ions allowing the user to have healthy skin which helps remove the puffiness in the face.