News; Portable Korea Skin Cooler Home Facial Treatment Device

Published: Thursday 29 August, 2013


Portable Skin Cooler
-Easy to use
-Eco friendly product
-Temperature maintaining
-Made in Korea

Skin Cooler Keep your Face cool your Skin.

What is Skin Cooler?
-A new cooling concept massager with reusavle capsule,specially designed for long lasting cool temperatures.
-Skin Cooler has a convenient and handly design.
-With superior technology to maintain its cool temperature.
-Skin Cooler minimalizes the loss of coolness white being used.

When do you use skin cooler?
-Minimizing skin pores
-Stabilize before make-up
-After-care for dermatologic treatment
-Relieve swollen face after sleep

2.Study, Work
-To avoide drowsy while driving
-Relaxative for Student.

-Help calming of atopic skin
-Reduce the symptom of burn
-Massage for congested eyes
-For fatigued and swollen leg.

The effect of a cooling massage?
-Minimizing skin pores
-Raising skin resisrivity and keep the elasricity
-Help calming of atopic skin
-The reduction of inflammation and edema


-This cartridge is able to be used semi-permanently.
-All parts and the refrigerant(liquid) inside are mady by eco-friendly materials.
-However in case of broken or disparted keep away from tasting or drinking.

One of a primary factor of skin aging is a high skin temperature caused by heat since heat disturbs collagen and elastin production and decompose any existing collagen. Human face has the highest skin temperature on our body because of the massive blood flow so, lowering the face skin temperature is one of the most important factor on anti-aging.

Skin cooler home facial treatment device, a portable, echo-friendly cooling massager will be the answer for your elastic skin