News; DIY Micro Dynamic Light Integrates Skin Care Devices

Published: Thursday 22 August, 2013

Fundamentals of DIY Micro Dynamic Light
DIY Micro Dynamic Light integrates with latest light therapy and bio microcurrent suitable for all skin types. It applies different colors of light energy and unique low frequency of the bio microcurrent to achieve double results.


-Improve multiplication on collagen and reduce fine lines
-Lighten blemish skin and balance color pigment
-Contraction on skin pores
-Improve stretch mark
-Increase skin elasticity and blood circulation
-Reduce forming of black pigment
-Speed up on wound healing and activate cell activity

Photon Integrates Skin Care Devices requires sophisticated machinery and expert professionals to deliver it. The synchrotron will accelerate photons to almost the speed of light for maximal penetration. Inside the synchrotron they may travel 300,000 miles, which is equivalent to circling the earth 12-13 times. The photon Integrates Skin Care Devices are then fed to the treatment gantry, which is a massive 190-ton device that directs the proton beam before it enters the patient. Despite its large size (over 40 feet in diameter), the gantries have a precision of 1mm. We also have a highly trained, dedicated group of professionals who operate and maintain the Photon integrates skin care Therapy Center to ensure that everything works to its best level.