News; Photon Rejuvenation Cooling facial care Device

Published: Tuesday 20 August, 2013


The cold surface temperature of the device can be down to 5 degree, so it can make the facial skin tight, smooth and detailed release vein curved and inflammation efficiently.

The blue light is helpful for whitening the skin. Keep the skin in calm and comfortable condition.

Massage Method:
-Applu and move at the positon of vertical and parallel.
-Move the device back and forth by turns. Recommend applying hot and cold therapy by turns.

-Tender ,whiten skin.
-Dispel winkle, shrink pores.
-Metabolize water and dipel eye pouch.
-Lighten capillary Vessel enlargement.

-Clean the head before apply.
-Be sure to turn off the switch after finish massage.
-After shut down, please wipe the head with dry cotton cloth or tissues.

Cryotherapy or even cold treatment features a amount of advantages as well as results. Pain alleviation is usually needed carrying out a sports activities injuries. Using cold treatment device will certainly numbing the region offering pain alleviation through muscle mass pressures as well as combined sprains. Glaciers will certainly decrease inner blood loss, especially subsequent muscle mass pressures that help decrease inflammation. Cold treatment devices will even decrease muscle mass spasm as well as reduce metabolic process decreasing the actual o2 specifications from the hurt tissues. Notice associated with cold treatment for any more in depth description.