News; Ultrasonic Photon Skin Care Home Facial Treatment Machine

Published: Monday 19 August, 2013


When exposing light to the skin surface, it supplies energy to the skin cells and the cells absorb the waveband of color within a unique spectrum. The use of the varying properties of different colors has become the most popular and commonly used treatment and it can accelerate cell biochemical circulation, make necessary mixtures directly and promote the recombination of skin cells
*628nm red light:Exitement
*525nm Green light:Releasable
*413nm Blue light:Composure
provide ultrasonic wave 3 million times massage to the muscle layer of the skin per second

-3.0 million ultrasonic vibrations infiltrate the dermis and promote recovery of elasticity and collagen so that fine wrinkles disappear.
-The waves are much more minute and gentle with ultrasonic's 3 million vibrations, and are more suitable for treatment around the eye area and forehead.
-The effects of multiple colors such as red, green, and blue are added to the ordinary specifications of ultrasonic .
-Red ray: reaching deep into your skins without medium
-Low power: do not need cooler medium
-Temperature control: warm and comfortable
-Buzzer: sounds two audible tone at the end of the treatment and auto shut-off
Light weight: easy to carry and use in any time, any place

-Keep Moisture
-Improve Blood Circulation
-Removes Pimples
-Minimizes Pores
-Firms Skin
-Balance skins and enhance blood circulation
-Prevent the formation of melanin pigment
-Remedy acne and dermatitis

-Thoroughly remove make-up and impurities first. The ultrasonic waves skin-care treatment must be performed on the cleaned skin.
-Connect the machine with the electric adapter. Turn power on and the indicator light is on.
-Apply appropriate portion essence on your face and avoid eye area. Please ensure the treatment area is well covered with the essence.
-Apply appropriate portion essence on the ultrasonic waves generator.
-Once the machine begins to output Ultrasonic waves, the timer starts.After 10 minutes the machine will be turned off automatically.
-Please make sure that the ultrasonic wave generator is continuously gliding. Do not stop gliding in one area.

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