News; Eseeya Bring You Into The Photon Skin Rejuvenation Device World

Published: Friday 16 August, 2013


Photon skin rejuvenation devices is use low energy soft wide spectrum nature light for the skin care, the temperature difference between stimulate proliferation of collagen, improve skin texture, and through different photon wavelengths to fades discoloration of the skin, smooth the fine wrinkles, improve skin elasticity, improve rough skin.

The effect of the different colors of light photon skin rejuvenation devices
In photon skin rejuvenation devices will generally can make protein fiber reinforcement, relieve skin red blain, wrinkles, refine pores of blue light, can also help dredge lymphoid eliminating next eyelid fat thickness, eye drop, dispel black rim of the eye pouch desalt, effective whitening and hydrating red, also have a calming soothing; Yellow light is effective to help fight aging, rough, erythematic, improve skin color. Laser light is a deep penetrate skin, accelerate metabolism, decompose splash to improve the appearance of fine lines is flabby, and so on. Purple light somewhere between red and blue, a very good effect to dispel blain, acne, marks. Orange light energy, enhance skin effectively.

Why different light has such effect? These are the same as we are in the sun, through the principle of wavelength light makes the skin black is the same. The photon skin rejuvenation device is to use the light of different wavelengths to remove harmful, then reach the beauty skin effect.