News; What Cause Couperose Skin And Anti Redness Treatment

Published: Saturday 15 June, 2013

Couperose skin is the very distressed trouble by beautiful people, because the couperose skin on the face can affected very serious image.In order to keep yourself beautiful, people going to take the anti redness treatment.

What cause the couperose skin?

The skin horny layer is too thin, capillary distribution is too shallow, will under the condition of cold and hot stimulus or excited in the formation of facial redness or flush.

Couperose skin, primary person which have primary congenital genetic, mostly the parents or someone in the family has an extreme;

Couperose skin and secondary formation, including regional factors: such as plateau climate, and altitude, oxygen to the skin, cause the quantity of red blood cells, causing broken capillaries expansion.

The physical factor for the formation of couperose skin, cold stimulation,dry weather, sandstorm weather, the sunlight exposure, the capillary resistance than the normal range, cause broken capillaries expansion.

The professional factor for the formation of couperose skin, such as a cook,welders, etc.

Beauty care factors, such as the destruction of the acid components of skin care products and hormone dependent on expansion of capillary rupture, and caused skin immune system vulnerable, often go beauty parlor do suction surface care will also result in blood vessels burst. Local or systemic disease complications cause broken capillaries expansion.

Anti redness treatment through E light beauty machine. E light can block you shallow skin blood capillary, at the same time to stimulate your face its own collagen regeneration, make the skin becomes thicker, more health, in order to achieve the effect of anti redness. This is a non-surgical way,safe without any scars.