News; How Home LCD Skin Scrubber Works Deep Skin Cleaning

Published: Wednesday 14 August, 2013


Deep shovel skin (clean) : the skin scrubber effects of the warm skin tester and high frequency vibration acceleration in the movement of the pore sebum, dirt and necrosis cutin softening, and at the same time ultrasound prompted produce micro explosion effect of water on the surface of the skin, combined with the mechanical wave of osmosis, grease emulsification export deep skin instantly and clear the surface dirt, realized in the true sense from the deep clean and does not produce any wear and tear, make skin fresh and natural. The superiority of this deep cleansing function is unmatched by other clean way. The instrument to remove residual cosmetics is available, and after discharge makeup to restore your face pure and fresh and natural, keeps fresh and clean feeling.

Prevention and acne treatment: beauty skin when applied to the skin, can dredge sweat glands, shrink pores, deep clean sebum secretion, such as auxiliary in cleaning effect of cleaning, skin dirt are cleared in a timely manner, so as to restrain acne. At the same time, the ultrasound ablation effect to the already formed the whelk, to remove dead cells and residual oil decomposition, its warm effect can strengthen the sterilization function of the skin, through the physical and catalytic role to speed up the metabolism of the skin to absorb nutrition and corneous layer, make sure that the skin of normal physiological function of the treatment of acne.

Beautify skin, improve skin quality: beautiful skin instrument of catalysis, enhance skin depolymerization and absorptive capacity of nutrition, improve skin pigment deposition and toxic substances, and achieve the effect of removing and whitening. And the high frequency mechanical wave generated by the cleaning device for cell has slight squeeze and massage effect, changing the cell volume, improve cell activity, shrink pore, enhance skin elasticity. At the same time, the temperature effect of the ultrasound and promote local blood and lymph circulation, enhance the permeability of skin, accelerate the metabolism of organization, strengthen the absorption of aging and necrotic cells, reduce wrinkles, reduce skin aging, improve skin quality.

Moisture: ultrasound after nutrition pipeline dredge skin organizations, through the role of the massage high-frequency mechanical wave and catalysis promoting complement and absorption of moisture, make skin shine bright and smooth.

Relieve skin nerve, prevent facial dermatitis: massage effect and temperature effect produced by ultrasound, can stimulate the skin of the nervous system, relieve skin nerve, the increase of capability of sterilization of cells, prevent facial dermatitis.

1) Use of ultrasonic oscillation, the blocking pores oil dirties clean up acne, make skin luster bright beautiful.
2) Use of over clocking oscillation can be quickly softening the whelk, to pass to change skin lesions.
3) Use of over clocking oscillation can remove aged horniness.
4) Using the principle of ultrasonic oscillation with tepid effect, to soften the fat and active cells, to achieve to fat, smooth wrinkles, prevent the effect of muscle relaxation.
5) Using ultrasonic oscillation, but will fade melanin, decomposition.
6) With LCD screen, all operating process is clear at a glance.

How LCD skin scrubber works: ultrasound is a kind of high frequency mechanical vibration wave, it is widely used in medical and cosmetic fields. The mechanical wave has a mechanical effect, temperature effect and catalysis, when low-energy high frequency vibration can have mild resonance effect to human body skin, enhance the cell activity and between each cortical tissue permeability, dredge sweat glands, shrink pores. Warm effect of ultrasound can promote skin blood and lymph circulation, flabby nerve and muscle fibers, strengthen the skin's ability to regulate. Ultrasound is endogenous hot, more than 80% of the calories by blood away from the role area, therefore, is the role of the skin is only a slight fever. Ultrasound and the catalysis of vibration seepage, promotes the skin internal physiological regulation, strengthen nutrition absorb, quickly adjust acid-base balance of the skin, effectively improve skin quality.