News; What Is Beauty Instrument?

Published: Monday 12 August, 2013

What is beauty instrument? Beauty instrument including which beauty machines? If there was any mysterious? If you don’t understand, it doesn't matter, let's obsequious beauty instrument company revealed to you, to know what is beauty instrument.

Beauty instrument for simple is beauty salon equipment, it is like we are going to reach the purpose of a rapid means of transportation, it is usually consists of the following beauty machines.

1. Ultrasonic beauty instrument, the machine is the most basic beauty equipment, ultrasonic oscillation technology into the 80 s and the beauty industry. It by one million times per second subtle vibrations frequency can effectively promote the metabolism, fade out fine lines, clean skin help to import the nutrients for the skin moisture, the effect of beauty frost cosmetics can effectively promote more cosmetics N times the growth.


2. Spray absorption beauty apparatus, the beauty salon equipment through the vacuum negative pressure adsorption blackheads out from the skin, to remove blackheads with water spray after soothes the skin. So as to effectively improve the skin problem of blackheads.


3. Breast enhancement machine, this machine is with spray absorption beauty instrument to use the same principle, at the same time as the industry's power. Now the beauty of breast enhancement machine besides rhythm put absorption, also equipped with far infrared ray, photons, vibration, in the form of BIO and a variety of breast enhancement shaping principle.


4. RF face lift beauty instrument, it is specifically remove wrinkles beauty equipment, technology from Korea, through the heating of the deep skin to remove wrinkles.


5. Slimming machines, this kind of beauty salon equipment are also common; usually there will be a patch type, grease machine, dissolves fat carpet etc. to lose weight.


These five types of beauty equipment are the beauty salon machines; it basically met the common beauty demand. This is the beauty instrument.