News; RF Face Lift Beauty Instrument

Published: Tuesday 06 August, 2013


Human tissue impedance in turn from high to low is: skin, fat, bone, nerve, muscle, liquid, according to the energy production of 12RT, RF face lift beauty instrument can penetrate the skin directly, using the impedance of the skin to produce energy, and radiofrequency waves also creates an intense resonance cell and molecular rotation (in the order of one million times per second) generate heat, so as to achieve the purpose of fat cells to collagen tissue heating and heating, make the temperature of the dermis moment increases, using the dermis collagen heating will produce immediate collagen tightening and stimulate collagen regeneration principle. When heating to proper temperature, the collagen fiber shrinkage, tension, on the skin surface cooling measures at the same time, the dermis is heated and skin maintain normal temperature, then generates two reactions: one is that the skin becomes thicker dermis, subsequently becomes shallow wrinkles or disappear; Second, subcutaneous collagen morphological remodeling, generate new collagen, 2-6 months after treatment, the collagen hyperplasia, reforming gradually, make the ascent, ptosis, or sagging skin in many ways beyond and completely replaced by laser, IPL (color light and photon).

"Cool RF waves lift" is using RF radio frequency devices; achieve immediate tightening through RF radio frequency principle, ascending, anti-wrinkle, the effect of thin face,lift skin! Through intelligent surface cooling lift project operation becomes comfortable, safe and easy to accept!

Main technology and compared with other methods of distinction

Immediate effect and lasting regeneration effect :The hypodermic collagen instantaneous straight, make the loose skin after treatment, immediately feel upward lift and tighten, then becomes shallow wrinkles or even disappear; And promote skin collagen remodeling and new collagen, in the form of two kinds of effect for prompt treatment shrink after the skin becomes smooth, wrinkles, skin tight elastic, fade and disappear gradually, after one or two courses of treatment can achieve significant effect, and keep the 12-24 months.