News; Photon Skin Rejuvenation Treatment and Nursing Process

Published: Friday 14 June, 2013


People always worry about side effects after photon skin rejuvenation treatment.It can be slightly burns and slight redness after the photon skin rejuveantion treatment, which may last for half an hour to 2 hours. In pigmentary lesions may appear pigment deepen temporarily, general 3-10 days to take off the scab cicatrization.

The nursing process after photon skin rejuvenation treatment:
Treatment area need to cold for at least 15-30 min, until heat sensitive. Postoperative days should avoid using hot water cleaning, you should use cold water to clean the skin softly, cream daub vitamin C synthesis and sunscreen in the morning and apply moisturizing cream after cleansing the skin at night.

If the energy set too high and improper operation,will have below side effects:
(1) Temporary purpura, blister: It's because the high energy or treatment head and the to closing spacing of the skin, you can use soft coriaceous steroid hormone ointment or bei after economic, nitrofurazone zinc oxide oil for external use only.

(2) Significant edema: the patient may use photosensitive drugs or herbs. Available oral and topical corticosteroids.

(3) Pigment loss or depigmentation: may appear in people with black skin or the strong sunlight. For these patients before photon skin rejuvenation treatment using bleaching cream (hydroquinone cream, etc.) 2-6 weeks, parameter Settings should be appropriate increase pulse width, and increase the pulse interval, reduce the energy density for prevention.