News; Portable Rotary Brush Instrument Skin Scrubber

Published: Saturday 03 August, 2013


Portable skin scrubber main aim is through clean the surface of the skin to remove dead cells, stains and other dirty things, before operation, must use sponge, cotton pads clean skin. Before operate in the face, first with a hot towel face, improve facial temperature, so it is easier to remove the dirty things. When used start from neck, then your chin, two clips, lips, nose, forehead,and ordinal upwards.

At the skin blood capillary damage area, should be used with the brush lightly brush on it, to avoid damage to the skin, in a dry and sensitive skin areas must slow down, the coarse and thick parts can operate faster. After using the brush must be cleaned thoroughly with soap and water. Put the brush back to its original position.

With a small bowl of alcohol anti-virus twenty minutes. After operation, need to put the washed brush into the disinfection cupboard. Before operation, wet the brush with water first, to make it soft. Clean with a paper towel was made in the brush. When open the machine within a few seconds in the first with slow speed, it can remove the moisture.

Operation method:
-Choose the right brush, and then put into the host, then you can hear the "click" sound.
-Press "start" button, then select the appropriate operation speed according to the area of the skin.
-When replacing the brush, turn off the switch and then pull out the plug, change to another brush.
-Use a sponge and hot water can accelerate healing.