News; What Effects Can Get From Beauty Sprayer ?

Published: Thursday 01 August, 2013


Beauty sprayer is the necessary facial care devices in beauty salon, SPA, beauty and leisure clubs, why it’s necessary? In all facial care treatment the first step is cleaning, so it also identified the beauty sprayer in the important position of beauty salon, spa and leisure clubs, but opened a lot of preparation to enter the beauty salon, spa, the bosses do not understand why they need to buy this kind beauty sprayer because they began to touch the beauty industry, what is used by the sprayer, is a single pipe hot and cold spray or double pipe heat and cold spray workable? This troubled just deeply into the bosses in the preparations for the beauty industry. The following analysis of the hot and cold beauty sprayer of their respective advantages.

Used by the role of the sprayer is the nature of the skin dark spots, acne and sensitive skin , or have a special taboos of hot steam. Because of cold spray with inhibition of melanin cells, fade dark spots, lower the temperature in the surface of the skin, shrink pores, diminish inflammation, eliminate inflammation and allergy. Cold fog spray methods is the most important thing to notice quantity size and spray time, general control in 20 minutes or so of time is the most ideal. To face with bacteria, fungus, or virus infectious skin disease, dermatitis, eczema, angiotelectasis, allergic constitution, have high blood pressure, heart disease, epilepsy and customers such as bronchial asthma, in addition to recommend their specialized dermatologist, use "cold spray" instead of "hot steamed" will be moderate.

Choose hot sprayer:
1: the customers belong to the partial dry skin. Because is rich in oxygen ions ionized steam, the steam that skin temperature increased, the local blood flow is accelerated, supply of epidermal cells of oxygen and moisture. Through this method to make customers skin color and luster improved.

2: customers belong to oily skin. Steam jet to the facial skin epidermal cells of softening, pore expansion, at the same time, steam to stimulate nerve ends, promote cells metabolism, easy to remove excessive secretion of sebum. You hope that through these two principles to remove the aged cetin accumulated in the pores and oily skin cells and impurities, increased permeability of the skin.