News; Aviod Pores By Changing Your Skin Care Bad Habits

Published: Monday 29 July, 2013

Large pores, for beauty people is a skin concerns, because the rough pore formation is the hormone secretion disorder, living and working environment factors, while others are not ready to causes such as cleaning work. While others such as increasing age, the skin lack of elasticity, slowly around the hair follicle is lack of support structure within and outside the oil dry skin conditions, also can make pore becomes large. So many friends began to hurry and start bottles to daub.

1: Avoid hand directly daub skin care fluid to excessive skin care steps and dosage is not standard.

Although skin care is important, but moderation. Too much skin care product nutrition, skin absorption is not complete, also stay on the skin, can easily lead to clogged pores and become bigger and bigger. Contractive pore, patient, accurate, direct contact by hand is easy to hand bacteria to skin. Want to shrink pores, skin care fluid is the best choice, but simple daub, shrinkage effect is not the best. If you understand the massage technique, it didn't get twice the result with half the effort effect. Daub is finished, place her hands gently pore bulky position, using the hand temperature accelerate the absorption of nutrients, so avoid hand directly reduce dosage is not standard for beauty skin beautifying effect is small

2: Refused to not breathable bottom makeup and makeup again and again.

Our skin as we own all the time to breathe, too much makeup will cut off on the skin to breathe. Pore breath, skin dirt waste is unable to discharge, clogged with the large pore problem will become a normal phenomenon. So avoid pore large you can change the bottom makeup and makeup habits over and over again.

3: makeup work does not reach the designated position.
Many women when making up, carefully to discharge makeup, due to factors such as work, lazy, is used to wash a face cleanser thick, no discharge makeup oil discharge makeup product, because the bottom makeup is kind of oily or cleanser factor, makeup is not complete, as time passes large pore is increasingly obvious.

These three habits are a lot of beautiful people have, but if you want your skin better, you have to avoid non-standard beauty & skin care habits, so that you can refuse to more skin problems.