News; Some Tips For Blackhead Remove

Published: Thursday 25 July, 2013


You will know how to remove blackheads if you understand this beauty skin cleaning.

Blackheads are lingering with use all kinds of methods. It’s very chagrin, some friends said that I has been in use for some better and more expensive remove blackheads products, but why a few days this damned black out again? Now Eseeya online beauty teach you some simple cleaning methods, and effectively suppress blackheads.

1. Wash face, wash face every day, but not completely. Do you know how to wash a face? Water temperature is a important think, if you use the water temperature is too high will remove grease too much, make pore is stretched more open, then blackheads are also is serious, if the water temperature is too low, it will let pore can't open, cleaning effect is bad, then how can effectively remove blackheads?

2. Squeezed with the hand, this action is often the case with a lot of people, with the hand to squeeze blackheads, will not only damage the pore, the skin can let bacteria enter. Form cannot be peaceful small pit; it is not worth the cost.

3. Don't use remove black head product after dispel cuti, dispel cutin product general clean is stronger, and the thinning of the skin cutin, after using it if reuse can stimulate remove black head product, it's easy to harm the health of the cuticle, without the cutin layer to protect the skin, lock moisture, black fight back again soon.

4.After finish blackhead removal treatment, please remember to take a step to convergence pore, water-oil balance of skin, evenly so black will slowly decrease.
Have you learned these simple clean skin tips? Some people say that I don't want to get bother, don't want to go to beauty salon, you can buy a remove black head device. It’s ok to make the treatment at home by yourself.