News; Beauty Salon Black Head Absorption Machine Using Principle

Published: Wednesday 24 July, 2013

Beauty salon black headĀ absorption machine use principle and the attentione needings

Beauty salon black head absorption machine which is called "spray beauty equipment" it is a very classic and practical remove comedowns, grease. It use beauty machine produces vacuum pressure pump by linking the red clarinet and glass pipette for sip function to clean the dirt in the pore and clogging pores of sebum and remove comedowns, grease cosmetology effect. This is its beauty effect. When use this machine you should pay attention as following.

Use the black headĀ machine according to the skin absorption properties, such as large-area and slack skin with thin use intermittent suction, grease more then you can use much more special strong sip continuously, at the same time, this type machine will be equipped with atomized spray lotion function, suggest the beautician can remove black head after use this feature to customers for a soothes skin. Two functions with very good match.

We suggest the beauty salon should be paid attention to separate the black and red clarinet when use this machine otherwise may cause machine failure. And also pay attention when using this machine in accordance with the growing up of pressure adjustment, avoid causes the skin down phenomenon.