News; Does Ultrasonic Beauty Instrument Workable Or Not ?

Published: Tuesday 23 July, 2013


Does ultrasonic beauty instrument workable or not? Let's look at below infomationĀ and you will know..

Ultrasonic beauty instrument can create a sonic vibration at the speed of 1,000,000 times per second, which is most suitable for body care and can have effects on skin mainly in two ways: Mechanical and heat action (Physical) and chemical action which can effected 6-7 mm thorough skin, regeneration and update, remove aged cutin, deep cleaning. at the same time, ultrasonic beauty instrument import function can help to import more nutrients required for skin moisture, thus achieve restoration contour, restore skin white and elastic luster effect.

If you are using our multi functional ultrasonic beauty instrument, it can meet the requirements of your daily beauty requirements. Such as a flat tip ultrasonic head, can completely satisfy the facial and eye care, and is equipped with continuous and discontinuous wave, but also to satisfy the different type of skin users can better able to use ultrasound to this kind of beauty equipment for skin care. And the intensity of different ultrasonic beauty output which can also to satisfy the different customer skin properties and strength.

This is the ultrasonic beauty instrument, from above introduction; do you think it is workable or not?