News; The Smallest Side Effect Skin Rejuvenation Device In the World

Published: Sunday 21 July, 2013


Are you still headache for bad skin? To spend money to buy a bunch of maintain article with heartache but doesn't work? Don't worry, micro needle mesotherapy can let your skin rejuvenation without makeup.

As lots of people know, conventional methods, active nutrients can only penetrate into the stratum corneum of skin, the effect is not significant, (only about zero point three percent of the results).

What is micro needle skin rejuvenation device
Micro needle skin rejuvenation device is a kind of method, the use of roller of many tiny needles, in a very short period of time the plastic micro needle can be made more than 200000 tiny pipe, make active ingredients effectively penetrate into skin, with apply with special effects products which can remove wrinkles, whitening and repairing, stretch marks remove, scar remove.

At the same time, the micro needle skin rejuvenation device can stimulation the dermis, self-healing ability through the skin, promote collagen hyperplasia, can make the thickness of the skin epidermis proliferation by about eight percent, and make the skin have a "resistance".

Ten characteristics of micro needle skin rejuvenation device
1. The micro needle skin rejuvenation device does not destroy the structural integrity of the skin;
2. Micro needle skin rejuvenation device gradually deep clean the skin toxins and waste;
3. Set up a lot of skin micro channel, transportation basement beauty products; (only need 5 minutes, micro needle skin rejuvenation device can create tens of thousands of micro porous);
4. The active ingredients needed for direct delivery to skin the best absorption; Micro needle skin rejuvenation device characteristic of the nanometer compound with biological factor to suit the role, purpose, effect is remarkable, the product composition of permeability of hundreds of thousands of times higher than ordinary beauty products;
5. Stimulate skin self-healing ability, promote skin metabolism, keep skin elastic.
6. Activate cells, repair damaged tissue, micro needle beauty plastic directly involved in cell metabolism, and achieve anti-wrinkle, ascending, whitening, anti-aging effect;
7. Special bioactive ingredients promote cellular immunity enhancement, slow down skin aging, micro needle skin rejuvenation device can keep the young state for a long time;
8. Use the wound of the natural healing ability, inducing the skin's own collagen nutrition and growth;
9. No side effects, efficacy significantly, safe and reliable, simple operation, no wound, micro needle skin rejuvenation device is also called "lunch break type beauty";
10. Security is natural, simple, easily micro needle beauty plastic moment see changes in the skin.