News; Some Tips For Homemade Facial Whitening In Daily Life

Published: Tuesday 11 June, 2013

1. The winter melon seed kernel 15g, 6g of orange peel, peach blossom 12g, hybrid research into smalls and eat after dinner with rice water suit, three times a day, take a few months, the face will become white and smooth.

2. Winter mulberry leaves concentrated juice bottle control store, with a glass juice into the water washing in every morning and you facial will become white and smooth.

3. Soak dried roses in hot water, after cooling on drop a few drops of olive oil in it, and put on your skin, skin can maintain smooth and moisture.

4. Bask in the skin appears erythematic, put some milk on the facial and sunburn area, can make skin contraction, and then use a lemon slice apply to face about a week, the spot size (lemon are directly apply face advice should be squeezed into juice daub on face after dilution), at last use the cucumber pound to join pachyrhizua angulated powder and right amount honey put on the skin a few times, spots can be removed.

5. Ginkgo with Chinese traditional medicine, fructus tsaoko each two 2, add black bean one or two, after the porphyrization into 30 pieces and take a stir into the water wash a face every morning, after washing ,use the moisturizer cream, continuous use in month, the skin will become white.

6. Idle apricot to skin, smooth surface, light powder each equal parts, research at the end of the steam for a moment, take out a little, borneol and musk to egg white blended into paste, apply with every morning, after washing a face, daub, a few months later, the appearance will become ruddy smooth, delicate and charming spring peach blossom.

7. Prepare three refers to the wide finger long speckled aloe Vera leaves, then is a 3 cm long cucumber, 1/4 HEW, 2-3grams of pearl powder, just the right amount of flour (used for rare stiff).

8. Tomato honey whitening
The formula can use for facial and hand at the same time. Especially acne-prone skin goes fat effectively, prevent infection, and make the skin white and delicate.
Recipe: half a tomato, honey right amount.
Usage: Apply tomato and stir into tomato juice after adding suitable amount of honey, stir until smooth. Evenly on the face or hands, after waiting for about 15 minutes and then wash. Suggest use 1-2 times per week

9. Drink green pepper, cucumber, balsam pear, West Celery, green apple, etc into beauty vegetable juice which enough vitamin C. It’s very effective for whitening.
10. fresh egg a wash, wipe dry, add in 500 ml of high quality vinegar soak in a month. When dissolved in vinegar egg, take a small spoon solution mixed with a cup of boiling water, stir, a cup per day. Vinegar egg-juice was taken for a long time, can make skin smooth and exquisite, eliminate facial all black spots.

11. Honey protein membrane: a fresh eggs, a small spoon of honey, stir evenly between the two, before bed with a clean soft brush besmear to brush in the face, which can massage, stimulate skin cells, promote blood circulation. After waiting for a period of time airing, remove with clean water, it is advisable to two times a week. The mask can also release dilute with water after rub hands, winter can be cracked.