News; Share The Orange Magical Effect With Eseeya

Published: Thursday 18 July, 2013

Orange have the best beauty function, first, of course, is orange juice. First step with wash face towel soaked with orange juice to wipe the facial skin, soak 5 minutes remove with clean water, can remove makeup, and can completely remove facial dirt and grease, develop deep cleansing effect. Even sensitive skin can be at ease use. But special remind, use after skin cleaning in the orange juice to avoid sunlight insolate directly, otherwise it will backfire.

Orange seeds can have beauty funcition, surprisingly; orange seeds can be very good improving skin elasticity, firming skin. Usage is simple: 2 TSPS to orange seeds in the blender into powder, mixing distilled water made into paste mask. Apply 1 to 2 times a week, and can improve the resistance of skin blood capillary, achieve the goal of firming the skin. Skin sensitive person can do skin test first, the homemade face mask apply ear hind, after 5 ~ 10 minutes abluent, if no discomfort can be at ease use. Remember oh, want to do skin test, and avoid allergies.

Orange peel can remove dead skin, like a millstone. Orange peel can grind to dead skin, at the same time, the skin also absorb orange peel contains abundant falconoid ingredients and vitamin C composition, so as to promote skin metabolism, improve skin blood capillary resistance. Methods: orange slices with the skin, loaded gauze, directly on rough elbows, knees and heels and other parts of the friction and wear peeling. How, isn't it useful? So we have some rough skin will be soft, the overall effect and promoted a grade.

Use orange peel bath also can make the skin moisture, skin rejuvenation; helps keep the skin moist, rejuvenation, particularly suitable for use in dry autumn. Usage: in the bath, add a small amount of new cook good soup of orange peel.