News; Sensitive Skin Whitening Pursuit More Appropriate Safe Way

Published: Wednesday 17 July, 2013


As an Asian woman, "whitening" has been our couldn't give up the beauty courses and goals. But for a long time, I often hear the sensitive skin people who complained: why whitening products in their face always doesn't work? Even make fragile skin appear red and itchy symptoms?

What cause sensitive skin?

More and more women entered the ranks of sensitive skin, remove hereditary factors, quite a part of people to become sensitive skin, is due to the use of the containing is harmful ingredients for skin to protect skin to taste, lead to the damaged skin cells, making skin cells of the immune ability, corneous layer thinning, causes the skin barrier function is too weak, unable to resist external stimuli. Once by outside stimulation, the skin will be too high, thus prone to redness, fever, purities, stabbing pain, rashes and discomfort. And this among them, to bear the brunt of women's sensitive skin whitening products.

According to relevant investigation, whitening products has now accounted for 30% of all skin care products market share, and this trend will continue to grow. For this, a lot of beautiful white product Eseeya reminds consumers: contain harmful components of skin, such as vitamin A, hormones, etc., use of such A protect skin to taste will bring damage to the skin. So, from the perspective of health and safety consideration, suggest that consumers choose well-known brand whitening products, skin care safer.

Sensitive muscle stain more easily
Who all want to have white skin, but because of individual difference between the skin and the day after tomorrow, and the maintenance, present a different color of skin. Our skin is made up of four kinds of biological pigment, melanin (dark brown); Oxygenated hemoglobin (red); Reduction of hemoglobin (blue); Beta carotene (yellow). The color of the skin with each melanin cell's ability to produce melanin, related to the amount of melanocyte, with the speed of melanin transfer RMB to the Angle of cell. In addition, the reflection coefficient at the surface of the skin, the epidermis and dermis of the absorption coefficient and the thickness of the layers of skin on skin color all have influence.

And sensitive flesh as an unhealthy state of skin, more easy to stain, sensitive skin epidermis melanin within the higher reactivity than normal skin against uv rays, so even under the condition of weak ultraviolet irradiation, also than normal skin and fine are more likely to appear. Therefore, to be cautious with sensitive skin whitening products, and pay attention to strengthening protection.

Sensitive flesh whitening safety first
Want to whiten and sensitive skin, should from which a few aspects, in order to achieve safe and effective? Here, Eseeya give you hint the three aspects of the problem: due to the sensitive skin barrier function and its moisturizing function is weak, so in choosing a beautiful white product, the product should be paid more attention to the moisturizing effect, whitening and moisturizing combination, can be truly safe whitening, skin safety through change garments according to the test. In addition, also want to do the following:

1. The use of component security whitening products. Sensitive skin should pay attention to when choosing whitening products: opting for the safety of sensitive skin special formula products, should choose no spice, soft, corrosive hydroxybenzoic acid ester preservative whitening products, avoid to use contain salicylic acid, skin peeling agent, the composition such as photosensitize whitening products.

2. Avoid the sun. Intense ultraviolet radiation may irritate sensitive skin, makes spots is more serious. Sensitive skin should choose safe, effective sunscreen, and strengthen routine protection work.

3. Can not be mixed with beautiful white product. Whitening products currently on the market, in the product composition, concentration and the principle of work is different, but some of the elements will be the same or similar, the combination can raise the skin burden, but also for sensitive skin are more likely to increase the chance of sensitive.