News; Body composition Analyzer Is Suitable For Which Places?

Published: Monday 15 July, 2013


Body composition analyzer is suitable for which places?
Application field: sports rehabilitation medicine geriatrics of scientific research and training base and fitness bodybuilding sports medicine clinical medicine medical check-up, the national physique monitoring body health medicine. "Body analyzer" is a using BIA technology to measure human body composition (including body fat and visceral fat, skeletal muscle (muscle), body moisture, bone mineral, basal metabolism, body weight, physical index, the comprehensive evaluation, etc.) levels of precision measuring instruments. Bioelectrical Impedance technology referred to as "for the BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis), refers to the use of the body, muscles, blood and other groups have good electrical conductivity, and fat little conductive principle, with a weak electric current is extremely weak, the harmless to the human body through the human body, through the precision measurements of electrical Impedance value of the human body, human body biological organization information is obtained of a noninvasive biological detection technology, this technology has been widely used in the field of global clinical medicine. Medical master unique section measurement, high speed, measuring accuracy can be comparable to professional medical equipment, sophisticated chic, portable design, make the ordinary people can also be mysterious body composition measurement, take control of your own body health code, for yourself and your family's health.

Human body analysis instrument function (namely can detect the index), body fat rate, body fat: 1 standard balance the body fat rate, can be used to power the body warm; But as soon as the excess body fat ratio imbalance can lead to obesity, but body fat rate too low may be malnourished, resulting in poor physical quality. Especially for postpartum mothers milk nutritional deficiencies, led directly to the baby's nutritional deficiencies, does great harm to a baby's healthy growth. Body fat rate too low could also lead to hair loss, body gallstones, uterine prolapsed, anemia, memory loss, gastroptosis, blood in urine, osteoporosis, memory loss, women are more likely to cause menstruation to be not moved, amenorrhea in advance or even early menopause, and even threaten life at last.

Visceral fat, visceral fat balance, can protect the internal organs; But when excess visceral fat is easy to cause "three highs" high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, fatty liver disease, coronary heart disease, etc., while too low may cause organ prolapsed.

Basal metabolism: refers to maintain basic life activities (breathing, heart beat and maintain body temperature, etc.) at room temperature, in the static state and consumes energy. In the case of the same calories, low basal metabolic is higher than basal metabolism were more likely to cause obesity due to fat accumulation. So basal metabolism directly determines the ease with which a person loses weight, for weight loss has a direct guiding significance. Basal metabolism is too low will be afraid of cold, fatigue, dizziness, etc.; Too high, will be afraid of hot, sweat, diet increases, flustered, etc.

Body moisture rate (water body) : body moisture rate balance, can help the body detoxify skin; But when too much water imbalance will make body swelling or water intoxication; And when the body water deficiency is caused by dry skin wrinkling, affect health and even life threatening. Also, for new moms, body moisture may cause the deficiency of the milk nutrition.

Rate of skeletal muscle (muscle): skeletal muscle balance rate standards, can improve the metabolism of enhanced physique, the appropriate on the high side also is good for your health; And when the low rate of skeletal muscle imbalances in human immunity decline.

Bone mineral: when bone mineral content in standard balance, can increase bone mass, slightly more appropriate to be effective in preventing senile osteoporosis; And may be too high in vivo have stone or the bone hyperplasia, too low can increase the risk of fracture.

Physique index (BMI) : BMI = weight (kg) present height (m) present height (m), it reflects the matching relationship between body weight and height. In general, the ideal BMI is 22, because under this condition, body weight and height is the most matching.

Body weight. General, overweight people are likely to be obese.

Overall rating: comprehensive body of each index, score of detected results (full mark is 100 points).

So comprehensive indicators of the body, lose weight is not just lose the excess fat, but also in losing excess fat at the same time, to be able to keep my body other indicators can be in a state of equilibrium, which is the most important and key, only in this way the weight loss is the real health science. Eseeya body analysis instrument can keep track of the changes in your body.