News; Forehead Wrinkle Remove Steps And Tips

Published: Friday 12 July, 2013


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There are two aspects to cause wrinkles. Exogenous cold, dry climate and skin weather-shack, various skin diseases caused by sun exposure, smoking, alcohol abuse, air pollution, harmful to the commonly used cosmetics as well as improper bath and so on. Internal cause constipation, anemia, Yin deficiency syndrome, liver function, physiological hypo function, weak, poor nutrition, dietary bias, lack of sleep, sexual frequency, etc. In addition, because each person's living condition, experience is different, even of the same age people, furrow difference is very big also. Person's face, forehead wrinkles in the most obvious, mainly is the forehead muscle contraction.

The four stages of wrinkles formation:
After washing face, facial skin taut feeling, lose the delicate sheen, namely into the first stage: dry period. At this point, such as with wetting effect of cosmetics, appropriate painted the skin to massage with olive oil, then the facial skin will rejuvenation. If with its development, that is, into the second stage: hardening period. Lackluster skin loses elasticity, at this stage, apply cosmetics to remedy, the effect is not so good, also can only rely on nutrition and facial massage to improve them. The third stage is flabby, fat accumulation in subcutaneous, little wrinkles can be clearly seen. Final stage is to finalize the design phase, it is difficult to correct recovery, can only rely on cosmetics to make up.

If face lift on time in the second and third stage "remove wrinkles stretch exercises" with the outcome (drying skin before exercises, apply a small amount of olive oil).