News; Do You Have Photon Skin Rejuvenation Treatment Today ?

Published: Tuesday 09 July, 2013


To love beauty is human nature, but as age growth, the skin of people will inevitably appear different degree of skin flabby, wrinkle, light aging and pigment spots skin aging phenomenon, with the thinning of the ozone layer, the light aging damage also began to appear in more and more young people. In the modern society, young people in more than 20 ~ 30 years old age some already can see solar elastic fiber disease, blood capillary dilate, age spots and fine lines, etc.

In the past few decades, photon skin rejuvenation devices have experienced great changes. Originally by mechanical grinding method and the chemical deep stripped, and erbium laser deep wrinkle. Intense pulsed light photon tender skin is nearly 10 years developed a kind of medical technology with a nature of beauty, initially, people just find after repeated laser hair removal treatment, hair removal in the skin will become relatively smooth and beautiful, it make the skin younger after hair removal treatment of the phenomenon is not accidental phenomenon, but the skin structure of qualitative changes have taken place due to laser irradiation to look young, and found that the laser is not the most ideal light source, strong light is the most suitable light source, after about 5 times the illuminate of skin structure changed significantly: the elasticity of the skin to enhance rather than relaxation, pigment spot becomes weak or disappear, and tiny wrinkles began to fade. So, a skin aging treatments with pulsed light was born, and was named photo rejuvenation pride venation, this light skin rejuvenation were later translated for photon skin rejuvenation.

Intense pulsed light photon skin rejuvenation technology, as one of the best means of treatment for light skin ageing, can not only eliminate pigment, improve red blood silk skin, improve the wrinkles and skin elasticity, can shrink rough pores, make skin beautiful. Histological changes of skin aging is very complex, the photon tender skin doesn't solve all the skin problems, such as chloasma, in most cases the photon tender skin can not solve the problem of the treatment of chloasma, instead sometimes make things worse, pregnant women, scar constitution, system using retinoic acid, photosensitive sex is taboo to use drugs. Also, and cause skin pageantry changes in treatment of potential risks, a few may occur pigmentation spots, local erythematic, pain, acne breakouts even blisters or purport. So any treatment itself is has two sides, that under the commercial packing and speculation, the photon tender skin as absolute security, infinitely exaggerated curative effect, even in the general life beauty salon will give patients treated by healthcare professionals is irresponsible, also is in violation of operation specification of medical hairdressing technology.

Overall, intense pulsed light photon skin rejuvenation is actually using pulsed light on the skin to a treatment with a nature of beauty, its function is to eliminate or dodge all kinds of skin pigment spots, increase skin elasticity, eliminate fine wrinkles, improve facial blood capillary dilate, improve rough facial pores and skin is rough and permanent removal of excess hair. Its advantage is can carry out comprehensive treatment, the overall structure, improve skin lesions and skin to make skin look like resume to 10 or 15 years.