News; Laser Treatment Effect And Nursing

Published: Friday 07 June, 2013

To love beauty is women's nature, also is the topic that women talk about forever. Woman cherish their face a lot and always want to make themselves become more beautiful each day. But it’s more difficult for a woman to achieve beauty due to the freckles appearance. They will try very method which can get rid of freckles. Laser beauty treatment is one of the ways, I often heard someone talk about laser treatment issue when I walk on the road, they said laser treatment effect is amazing, really can get rid of freckles and whitening.

How about the laser beauty treatment effect? How to nursing after laser treatment? Let’s get some detail information from

The effect of the laser beauty Treatment

1, Do not hurt the skin: in fact the laser spot is not burn the skin; this approach has difference from traditional method of removing the freckles on the skin surface. The doctor had test by melanin absorption wavelength of the laser with two balloons together, the inner lining of the black balloons were heated by laser , and the outer as thin as cicada's light color balloons were unaffected. So this is a kind of way which can fundamentally completely perfect spot problem, is not easy to relapse after treatment, the effect long lasting and stable, as well as high level of security.

2, Safe treatment: laser spot treatment is relatively safe, in the process of treatment, a wavelength of laser is only absorbed by the corresponding color of pigment, the normal skin tissue will not damage, also won't leave scar. Laser adopts a particular light source can ensure that only effect the colored patches, will not affect the normal skin tissue, under the action of light, the spots will be vaporized decomposition, and then with the nature metabolism of the body to discharge in vitro, the spot as to achieve purpose. Actually, laser spots is according to the theory of selective solar-thermal effect using its strong instantaneous power, the spots of direct evaporation, break, again through the lymphatic organization expel body, without affecting the normal tissue around the spot method.

3, Targeted: both what the spot of the laser spot, the laser can be adjusted according to splash form goldbrick thus targeted solutions, coordinate biological stimulation, make the skin collagen fibers and elastic fiber rearrange and regeneration, recover skin elasticity, make skin pure white and flawless. The skin in a few days can return to normal after laser treatment, according to the people of different skin conditions, times of laser spot treatment is also different, sometimes one or two, sometimes need some more times.

Laser first impression was gives a person the word high-tech,use for a modern weapons of war, laser in fact not only on the military, the laser can be applied in a lot of things, now use laser more maybe is not necessarily militarily, but the laser is now one of the most common in the beauty.

How to nursing after laser treatment?

1, After laser treatment, must pay attention to don't let your skin directly exposed to the sun, because just after treatment are relatively delicate skin, when go out you should put some best sunscreen on the skin, so that we can further protect the skin from harm, aspirin, and alcohol is strictly prohibited for a period of time, also includes alcohol cosmetics, for treatment of parts can't squeeze friction, pressure, touch, this may lead to treatment of parts damaged, causing local infection.

2, After laser treatment the skin's absorption capacity increases, causes the body's metabolism to speed up, and some patients may appear the skin dry lack water, when the skin is dry, must moisture in time be sure to keep the skin moist at ordinary times, don't let the skin too dry to hurt your skin.

If want to have the beautiful appearance, laser beauty treatment is not blindly, this is just a one-sided treatment. In clinical nursing, it is a important process, choose the laser beauty treatment patients not only to save trouble, but also need to the daily care, otherwise it will be a failure of treatment.