News; Time Master Electroporation Home Facial Treatment Machine

Published: Saturday 06 July, 2013

Time Master Electroporation Home Facial Treatment Machine is the device which injects collagen without a needle. It is said to be difficult for macromolecular components such as collagen and hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the skin tissue from the surface. Electro-pulse-poration however improves the penetration rate of such macromolecular components using an electronic pulse incorporated into the electroporation method that completely avoids any painful sensation.

What is Electroporation?
Electroporation is powerful method to import a variety of nucleic acids, proteins and other molecules of cells efficient technology. By high intensity electric fields, instantaneous increase the permeability of cell membrane, thus absorb exogenous molecules in the surrounding medium. This technique can be nucleotides, DNA and RNA, protein, sugar, dyes and virus particles into prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Electricity transformation relative to other physical and chemical transformation method, is a valuable and effective alternatives

Main Characteristic

1. Adopt Japan original high precision integration chip, let the head to the end of the conduction by the originally weak muscle movement to the comprehensiveness of muscle stimulation, you can truly feel the skin lifting. 100% beyond the shocking goods in the market.

2. Combine with Electroporation, no needle mesotherapy, Light (Light Emitting Diode), electric muscle stimulation (EMS), Radio Frequency five kinds of skin care function, one treatment can be made equivalent to several times of nursing curative effect. Has deep into compact improve skin anti-wrinkle whitening deep effect and so on.

3. Electroporation import penetration was 10-27 times higher than the anion and ultrasonic, effective ingredients can be quickly penetrate into skin, with no needle, and EMS, high-frequency RF phase collection, stimulate skin muscle movement, activate skin cells, promote collagen regeneration, the effective promoting, firming. Cooperate with blue LED, prevent and improve acne, improve skin grease, bacteria and restrain acne.

How to use.
The operation method is very simple and easy, coated skin care products (gel,essence,serum etc) on the operation parts, adjust to the appropriate intensity (when the instrument move slowly on the surface of the skin, the most comfortable feeling is the most suitable intensity), in accordance with the bottom-up, from the inside to outside, smooth texture direction moving back and forth one way operation, the operation do avoid the probe stays in the same location (except on the acupuncture point), face and eyes part operation for 15 minutes, and body part operation about 10-30 minutes depending on the specify part. We recommended operate no less than 2 times a week.

Operation Ref. Video: Clik Here.