News; Portable Ion Nano Sprayer Rechargeable Beauty Instrument

Published: Tuesday 02 July, 2013


Facial treatment in beauty salon commonly used spray machine, but what function of this kind of beauty equipment have? It can thoroughly clean the skin; make skin refreshing, comfortable and sweet feeling. Sprayer overflowing the impact force which can be washed clean pore, especially when it comes to attracting processing and squeeze blackheads and acne, it is like a garden sprinkler can be in the same way as a rubber tube cracks in the dirt washed.

Note: although attract machine and sprayer can be two different kinds of beauty instrument, but both are usually one, become a kind of machine with the function of attraction and spray.

Use spray machine, first need to prepare a plastic bottle, inside two distilled water and a water shrinkage or lotion, around the whole bottle hold two-thirds full brown. Usually prepared two bottles for spray, a bottled water shrinkage, for normal or oily skin use, another bottle of the lotion, for aging, dry or sensitive skin.

Sprayer can stimulate nerve peripheral, promote cells metabolism, broken capillaries of the skin can also be used. Sprayer can cause great gently massage effect; promote the expansion and contraction of capillaries, which can strengthen the capillaries. Lack of water or aging of the skin need long time using spray machine, it should put a towel in the customer's shoulders, and put makeup cotton on both sides of the head to prevent water drops into the neck.
When use sprayer, please require customers with a special plate in the shape of receiving water, prevent water runs into the neck.

Sprayer as a kind of beauty equipment, recommend using the distilled water, if you use ordinary tap water, because the mineral blocks sprayer atomizing nozzle, spray machine will failure.

Using the timing of the sprayer as follows:
1. If you start using sponge to clean skin on face processing, you can use the sprayer to do cleaning in the second stage.
2. After sucked out and squeeze blackheads and acne.
3. After remove the mask