News; HIFU Ultrasound Seven Nos

Published: Tuesday 28 November, 2017

HIFU Ultrasound until now, more than 1,000,000 customers worldwide have been treated with the HIFU Ultrasound with 99% customer satisfaction. Not only by the widely acclaimed by the fashion media in various countries, but also become many celebrities advocated anti-aging wrinkle project.

But do you known there are " seven no's"  for the HIFU ultrasonic.
They are ① noninvasive ② painless ③ no recovery ④ no side effects ⑤ no surgery ⑥ no injection ⑦ no radiation

HIFU Ultrasound treatment principle
Using high-energy focused ultrasound, not only can reach non-invasive skin effect, but also stimulate collagen regeneration, both at the same time. The technology focuses high-energy ultrasound on the body's superficial muscular aponeurosis system (SMAS) - deep tissue located beneath the dermis, a layer of connective tissue connecting the fat to the superficial muscles of the face. When work on body it will make the body within the SMAS layer tension and upgrade,as to achieve the effect of fascia suspension lift.

Ulthera HIFU Skin Care Devices High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine [SY-HF2014]

HIFU Ultrasound perfect to creating a very beautiful from the roots
1, the best temperature protection, 68 ℃ -72 ℃, the most suitable collagen hyperplasia
2, the most accurate patent "positioning index line" precise positioning energy placement
3, the world's most sophisticated skin scanner, according to the individual skin condition "targeting" to repair aging
4, the most accurate depth, the ideal role of deep effects, the protection of the skin surface
5, multi-treatment probe can act on multiple parts of the skin, firming the skin everywhere
6, can be used with all medical treatment, comprehensive multi-effect skin beauty
7, the treatment time is short, about 40 minutes, immediately after treatment markedly effective
8, without anesthesia, no pain, no damage, the treatment process more comfortable
9, no recovery period, immediately after treatment, makeup, work
10, long-term compact profile Lupi, the effect can be maintained for 3-5 years