News; How To Skin Care When You Face Computer Everyday

Published: Friday 08 May, 2015

With the influx of the Internet in people's lives, too many people at the company every day, a lot of professional women come into the office the first thing is to open the computer early in the morning, a day's work began. After returning home many girls still hang around in front of the computer, busy to video chat or shopping for entertainment. Unconsciously, countless times pass away, and the skin damage also increased day by day from the company, ugly "computer skin" quietly replace original smooth and beautiful skin --- Until then, the girls exclaimed: "I usually pay attention to skin care, why still grow stain, small acne! "" Why do I always have dried peeling skin? "

To remind the paperless office girls, take care of your skin. So how to avoid computer skin?

The first trick is to ensure that the screen cleans! Every day turn on the company, you need to use a clean cloth to gently wipe the screen to reduce the dust.

Second trick is to isolate the dust! We first need to learn to use the Cream, the thin layer, can make the skin isolate the dust. For example, use whitening cream or protective lotion. But do not use oily foundation!

The third trick is always do computer clean! Static electricity can isolate dust, it will make your face becomes dirty. After half a day’s work, you must remember to wash your face, wash your hands! Different skin select different series skin clean lotion to clean the face, make skin relax, it is best to take a shower after come home.

The fourth trick is the most important, make the regular replenishment to the skin! The most effective way is to choose a suitable mask, because the computer radiation will make the skin dry. While sitting in front of a computer for a busy day, if you do not pay promptly and effectively attention to the skin replenishment, it will make the young beautiful skin becomes dry and unbearable.