News; Something About Ultrasonic Home Facial Treatment Machine

Published: Monday 01 July, 2013


1, Remove wrinkles, skin tightening
Ultrasonic home facial treatment machine power is strong, large energy, one million times to three million times per second, minute massage, can make the skin cell with the vibration, produce fine massage effect, change the cell volume, thereby, improve local blood and lymph circulation, increase cell permeability, improve tissue metabolism and regeneration, softening tissue, stimulate the nervous system and cell function, make the skin shiny and elastic.

2, Remove dark circle
Apply with eyes maintenance essence, repair, eliminate dark circle, eye bag and small dry lines.

3, Remove spots
Massage for 15 minutes by using ultrasound beauty instrument, ultrasonic warm can permeate into subcutaneous six centimeters, using ultrasound irradiation massager for 15 minutes, the color will become weak gradually, even small dark spots will be visible in a short period of time, it is to destroy melanin caused by ultrasound, so ultrasound can desalt dark spots, also make the skin white bleaching effect, experiments show that when the irradiation ultrasound, melanin back through blood vessels and lymphatic vessels into the kidneys, as urine in vitro.

4, Anti acne,
Due to excessive secretion of sebum blocking pores, acne, deep in the organization cause one million times per second, slight vibration, can give organization stimulation, promote metabolism, make the waste discharge. Deep remove aged horniness and dirt, thoroughly clean pores, inhibit acne production.

5, Partial/whole body slimming
Due to ultrasonic vibration, the fat part of the temperature ascension, fat decomposition, finally burning into heat again with our weight loss products out of the body to the body slimming effect. At the site of the local obesity using ultrasound, can achieve partial thin body effect, double chin or thick arm just 15 minutes at a time of ultrasound daily massage, if cooperate with rapid weight loss products to achieve slimming effect obviously.
A. dissolves the waist fat, smooth belly; make the fat ham slender tender, brawny arm fine lubrication;
B. resolving hip fat, tighten hip shape round shape; Dissolve the consumption alarm meat, shaping charming waist;
C. dissolve fat, face tightening tyra face, thin face, shape three-dimensional face; Dissolve the masseter is too big, too rich, chiseled, let you simple thin face, without a thin face needle, also can realize the effect of thin face.
D. to stimulate mammary gland, mammary gland development, promotes auxiliary treatment of hyperplasia of mammary glands; Improve immunity, enhance physical fitness.

6, Export function
Wipe with massage cream or essence with export functions, Ultrasonic home facial treatment machine strength will be dispatched to high-grade, stick on the skin massage for 10 minutes operation.

Ultrasound to convey to the skin surface, in local produce moments of force and vibration, this effect will help to remove the skin surface and pores in the feces. Pimples or acne is sebum blocking the pores, resulting in inflammation. Ultrasonic vibration convey to the skin, make pore sebum in the vibration effect is easy to discharge, help you prevent pimples or acne

Frequently asked questions summary
1. This beauty instrument probe is made of stainless steel, built-in power supply power source for the latest improvement, more concise and portable.
2. This beauty instrument does not vibrate, ultrasonic vibration ACTS on human body, is not what can feel, you can drop on the probe, boot, you can see water droplets in the vibration, it is testing method of ultrasonic vibration.
3. The machine can cooperate ultrasonic machine gel, facial cleanser, lotion, face cream, eye cream, essence, concentrate to use. Please avoid using acidity class and grind erinaceous kind of skin care products with instruments, these two kinds of products can damage the metal detector in the machine.
4. This device is factory direct sale, neutral packing, no have clear brand address printed on the package and other information..
5. After use, please wipe with a paper or towel, the probe can't clean with water, this is not waterproof products.
6. This beauty instrument for home portable beauty care, should not be used for the beauty salon frequently operation. Beauty salon usually within an hour of continuous use a machine to many customer for skin care. Such has been uninterrupted use of the machine for a long time, will cause the machine heat variation and burn out the host.

Normal home skin care treatment process, two or three times a week. You don't have to do every day.