News; Why Women So Easy To Have Facial Spot ?

Published: Friday 28 June, 2013

Day light, chloasma, freckles, etc., many women are have more or less a little spots on the face, but who want to have spots on the face? Why women so easy have facial spot? In fact some habits in our daily life are inseparable, which will make us easy to cause spot? Eseeya Beauty Online gives you the answers.

1: Bad cleaning habits
Periods that occupy the home housewife was known as the "yellow face woman", impression, they are yellowish skin, full of chloasma. Do you know? This is because we have many things in life will harm the skin, like the lavatory fluid, washing powder, detergent, bleach these detergents contain alkali, the two main chemical components of fatty acid.

In eliminating the stain at the same time also damage the skin, contact for a long time without to do a good cleaning the skin, the spots will be quietly climbed onto the face, the so-called "yellow face woman" is one such practice! So, Women need to pay attention, must to do a good cleaning the skin, absolutely can not be lazy, or regret.

Habit 2: facing the computer for a long time
Computer radiation has five deadly SINS: facial acne, radiation, dry and dull skin, eyes vision loss, black rim of the eye, but with the expansion of the computer application, our life and work is inseparable from the computer again. How to do? In addition to consciously reduce time in front of the computer, radiation protection isolation work is also very important. Coated with radiation protection isolation sunscreen before makeup, can effectively stop the computer radiation damage to the skin, reduce pigmentation, away from the freckles, chloasma.

Habit 3: don't pay attention to prevent sun burn
Most skin wrinkles and spots are caused because the light aging, summer sunshine violent, ultraviolet light to activate the melanin cell, form a complex neuraminidase, along with the continuous renewal of the new cell goes on to the skin surface, gradually pigmentation can form spots, everyone go out must bring umbrella, hat, also be prepared to prevent sun burn maintenance of the skin.

4: Too much white
White cover ugly, women love beauty is a matter of course. But do you know? Too much will hurt our skin whitening, increases the chances of long brown spots. Some women to whitening frequently do frosted or do some chemical peeling, make the skin epidermis cutin layer from the thought that the more you do, the better you have, in fact if done this treatment too often, the skin is more sensitive to light, dry, the sun will soon get a red rash, instead a pigmentation is more serious than before. Whitening is very important, but have control.

Habit 5: don't love sports
Our skin is the largest organ of the body, the skin cells have the function of respiration and excretion, discharge the toxin inside body. Urine and sweat is the best detoxification process. Exercise can let the body in the dirt came out with sweat, especially now that the office worker, hurried from work every day, after work play together with friends, do not too much time to take care of a family or to estimate their own women, be sure to arrange a time for yourself, have a good row poison.

6: Heavy makeup
Cosmetics containing metal composition, chemical composition have the effect of light absorption. There are some people long-term use of chemical metal components such as lead, mercury or add more spices cosmetics, it is easy to cause skin black regiment. Skin is covered by thick makeup for long, can not get good breath, discharge makeup clean, cosmetic residues on the surface of the skin pigment and harmful substance in the infiltration of the skin, even can cause pigment accumulation.

Habit 7: love edible pigment food
For us greatly harmful foods include: carbonated drinks, biscuits, chips, Fried foods, clusters, hot pot, little sweet... More numerous, these things will be deposited under a lot of toxins in the body, stimulate the growth of cells. Especially after 10 PM, liver, lungs and kidneys were a large number of detox, you still in the snack, caused great burden, will give your body and skin a very bad effect.

If you have some bad habits above, please change as soon as possible, because once cause spot in your face, it will be a struggle thing.