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As a comprehensive multi-function cosmetic instrument, it has reduced and integrated large-size instruments (LED skin care device, BIO micro-current beauty device, ion lead-in & lead-out beauty device) into a suitable home use multi-function beauty device, which enables you to enjoy multiple skincare of beauty salon at home.
The probe on one side is ultrasonic, while the probe on another side is color-light & micro-current beauty device.
The action upon the facial skin will strengthen the molecular resonance of skin cells, stimulate blood circulation and metabolism. Besides, the ionized product can enhance the surface activity and product penetration, make the absorption of skin cells to the composition of skincare product as high as more than 85%. The effect exerted is 5 ~6times higher than daily skincare product.

BIO Micro-current to remove wrinkles
Micro-current wrinkles removal technology has been used in beauty industry for more than 10yeas. Micro-current have an affect on the regeneration and renew of cell tissue and replenishing charges to the cell, When the cells regain the electric field balance, it will restore its various normal metabolism, revitalize the cells and make the skin be fleshy, full and lustrous. You will not have any feelings during operation, it is very comfortable and miraculous, the wrinkles will go way from your face if use it patiently.

Nutrient lead-in by ultrasonic
Ultrasonic wave is a kind of sound wave with high frequency above 20,000Hz, which is mainly used for lead-in of nutrient. The skincare product adopts ultrasonic wave lead-in for the purpose to improve the absorption of nutrients by more than 5 folds. Due to strong power and high energy, the action of ultrasonic wave upon the face can stimulate vibration of skin cells, produce meticulous massage effect, and change the cell volume so as to improve the circulation of blood and lymph, enhance the cellular permeability and raise the tissue metabolism and regeneration capacity.  

LED color-light skin tendering
All things depend on the sun for their growth. All the lives source from light. Sunlight, air and water are essential resources for people to live by and are indispensable for all of us. Through research for three years, Kingdom chooses the light-red, green and blue, the most favorable ray for skin to shine on your skin in the simplest way so that the skin becomes more and more healthy just like photosynthesis on plants. 
-Bio wave to remove wrinkles
Simulated by Bio micro-current, it can activate skin cell, stimulate collagen regeneration and restoration, facilitate to renew skin natural elasticity, remove wrinkles, tightening skin, remove black eye, etc.  
-Ultrasonic lead-in for nourishing 
Applicable to absorption of concentrated essence, the warming effect of ultrasonic can raise the temperature of skin surface, activate cells to promote the regeneration of collagen ,and revitalize dead skin cells and feeble blood capillaries. When the withered blood capillaries are activated and unimpeded, the nutrients can be sent to the skin cells to regenerate and activate skin cells and restore skin to the vigor.
-Red light for wrinkle removal with 650nm+/-5 of wave length
Red light is the warmest ray, which can stimulate the revitalization of cells, promote the growth of fibrocyte and collagen and have remarkable effect on smoothing fine lines, wrinkles, marionette lines, firming the skin, reducing blemishes and fading scar etc.
-Blue light for acne removing with 470nm +/-5 of wave length
Blue light is the coldest ray, which can promote the synthesis of protein and collagen, activate the skin, firm the flabby skin, shrink skin pores, effectively kill corynebacterium acnes and markedly improve red spot, oily skin and severely sensitive skin.
-Green light for calming with 530nm+/-5  of wave length
Improve cell and oxygen utilization alternate function and impel the microcirculation effect on the surface of body. Meanwhile, it has efficacy of skin soothing, balance and stabilization and can dredge lymph and remove edema effectively.

-Large atomizing amount: The high frequency oscillation up to 3 million times per second, refined atomization, large atomizing quantity, easy absorption
-Color-light density: 57 color lights have sunlight intensity, which will shine on the skin and produce an effect.  
-Stainless steel probe: Inoxidizable and radio-resistant high-quality imported stainless steel

Working Principle
The micro-current operating principle is to take electric energy based on microampere as unit, which is extremely close to human cells and the most important is that the electric signal it produced is to simulate the electric signal of the skin, which will be based on for replenishing charges to the cells.

The working principle of ultrasonic wave is to atomize the nutrient and moisture of essence to ultra-micro and superfine substance by ultrasonic rapid vibration up to 3 million times per second and make use of ultrasonic wave to lead-in the nutrition modules to 1mm of subcutaneous tissue and replenish the skin with sufficient moisture and nutrient.
The photodynamic operating principle is to adopt the low energy light to expand and strengthen capillaries so as to achieve the effects of improving blood circulation, enhancing oxygenating and accelerating the elimination of toxicants. Light will not harm the natural tissue of the pathological change parts and the surrounding tissues. Besides, it enjoys a wonderful cosmetic effect.

Input voltage: 100-240V  
Output voltage: DC24V
Current: 500mA 
Power: 8W
Product size: 175×65×50mm
Product weight: 163g
Packing: Gift box, PVC tray, device, filter glasses, adapter

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