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100% natural silk facial mask is world original as the skin of human due to extremely thin,invisible and ventilated nature with high elasticity and toughness and can perfectly attachonto skin. Contain natural silk,collagen,HA,BFGF,quickly penetrate into deep skin,make skin white,clean,tender,firm and smooth within 20 minutes,repair damaged and injured skin,and delay ageing.



Natural Silk,Deep Sea Fish Collagen Micromoledule Protein Peptide,HA,BFGF,EGF,Chlorophyll


1.Unpack the package,take out the silk facial mask
2.The mask has 3 layers,the middle layer is silk film,remove the white pearlized film
3.Extend the mask onto face with blue fiber film outwards,gently press the facial mask with fingers to make it perfectly attach onto face.
4.Carefully remove the blue fiber mask,gently smoothen the silk mask with fingers to make it perfectly attach onto the face.
5.Relax yourself and enjoy 20 minute's of fashionable beauty care to make skin thoroughly absorb nutrition from the facial mask.
6.Remove the facial mask 30 minutes later,and gently massage skin to absorb remained essence.


Store under cool and shade environment,avoid direct sunlight and high temperature


Applicable for any skin


3 years








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